7th June 2012 – First Day

Pre Conference (7th June. 8:00 12:00)

PC-P7 Bengkel Asas pengurusan tingkah laku kanak-kanak keperluan Asas (A/Prof. Alvin Ng Lai Oon)
PC-P8 Using shaping, promting & chaining in teaching new behaviours (A/Prof. Koay Teng Leong)
PC-P9 Talking to families: listening to families ( Prof. Barry Carpenter)

CONCURRENT SESSION 1 (7th June, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm)

Education (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Deborah Lim\ Perdana 1

Family & Community (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Ng Kui Choo / Perdana 2
CS1-P2-1 Going through the Malaysian education system (Loo J W)
CS1-P2-2 Family-centred early intervention in Australia from a parent?s perspective (E Lovel)
CS1-P2-3 Self-care for parents (Rachel Ting Sing Kiat)

Policy / Partnership (parents and all professionals

Chair/Venue: Pauline Wong / Perdana 3
CS1-P3-1 Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 (Clarrisa Chang)
CS1-P3-2 Benefits of OKU Card in Malaysia (Cheoh Siew Tin)
CS1-P3-3 Reaching out the community through a mobile toy library (Cindy Chan)

Early Childhood Intervention (parents, ECI workers, early childhood educators)

Chair/Venue Yap Ling / Perdana 6
CS1-P6-1 Supporting the development of literacy skills in children with Down syndrome in the
first five years (Anne Squire)

Language Development (Malay) (any carers of young children / semua penjaga kanak-kanak)

Chair/Venue Sarah Rinai Siran / Perdana 7
CS1-P7-1 Merangsang perkembangan bahasa dan kumunikasi kanak-kanak berkeperluan khas /
Facilitating language and communication in children with special needs (Nor
Shahrina Mohd Zawawi)

Behavioural Management parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Michelle Lai / Perdana 8

Early Childhood Int. (Chinese) (parents, ECI / ECE teachers ????????????)

Chair/Venue Wang Lian Jie / Perdana 9
CS1-P9-1 Family-centred early intervention (Chuang Chiung- Hui)
CS1-P9-2 Preschool inclusive education (Liao Man-Chin)

Early Childhood Int. (Chinese) (parents, ECI / ECE teachers / ????????????)

Chair/Venue Ting Shim Lyn / Perdana 10
CS1-P10-1 Using thematic approach in promoting vocabulary and language development in
preschoolers (Chia Kien Eng)

Early Childhood Intervention (parents, ECI / ECE teachers)

Chair/Venue Chin Saw Sian / Rinwood Hall
CS1-RW-1 Early brain development and early childhood education* (Wong Woan Yiing)
CS1-RW-2 What is early childhood intervention: why does it work?* (Winnie Goh Hwee Suat)
CS1-RW-3 Behavioural management of toddlers and preschoolers* (Rick Jarman)

PLENARY SESSION 1 (7th June, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm)

Chair/Venue : Ms Khor Ai-Na/ Rinwood Hall
PS 1-1 All children, the asset of our society (Dr. Victor Karunan)
PS 1-2 Building family-centred approaches in early childhood intervention: from principles to practice (Prof. Barry Carpenter)

OPENING CEREMONY (7th June, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm) – Rinwood Hall

Welcome Speech:

Dato Kapitan Janet Lau Ung Hie, Co-Chair of Local Organising Committee

Keynote Address:

Whither (Wither?) Services for Children with Disability in Malaysia
Dato? Dr. Amar-Singh HSS, President of National Early Childhood Intervention Council

Opening Speech by Guest of Honour:

Yang Berhormat Datuk Hajah Fatimah Abdullah, Sarawak State Minister in Welfare, Women and Family Development cum Chairman of Sarawak Children?s Early
Education Development Council