9th June 2012 – Third Day

CONCURRENT SESSION 3 (9th June, 8:30 am – 10:30 am)

ECI and Inclusion (parents, ECI / ECE teachers)

Chair/Venue Sarah Marimuthu / Perdana 1
CS3-P1-1 Parental perspectives on special and inclusive education (Lee Soo Hoon)
CS3-P1-2 The challenges of including a child with SN in an inclusive environment (Anne Sivanathan)
CS3-P1-3 The progress of our children in a local kindergarten (Chew SC)
CS3-P1-4 Some practical tips to make inclusion work (Val Johnson)

Family & Community (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Dolly Tan / Perdana 2
CS3-P2-1 Effectiveness of customized home programme: caregivers? perspectives* (New Wei Ling)
CS3-P2-2 Importance of parent training in early language intervention – the Hanen approach* (C
CS3-P2-3 Communication Camps: Teaching families the importance of communication as the foundation for all early learning* (J Moyle)

Medical (medical/health professionals)

Chair/Venue: Cheoh Siew Tin / Perdana 3
CS3-P3-1 Improving the QOL of children with cerebral palsy (Terrence Thomas)
CS3-P3-2 “Cosmetic” injection for children with spastic muscles (Toh Teck Hock)
CS3-P3-3 Mobility Aids For Children with Cerebral Palsy (Ling Sui Hui)
CS3-P3-4 Surgery in the cerebral palsy children (Anam Kour)

Family & Community (Chinese) (parents and all professionals ?????????)(Ch)

Chair/Venue Hii King Ching / Perdana 6
CS1-P6-1 Self-care for parents (Rachel Ting Sing Kiat)
CS1-P6-2 Looking at special needs from the religious and cultural worldviews (Rachel Ting Sing Kiat)

Early Detection (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Nurhilda Abdullah / Perdana 7
CS3-P7-1 Preschool teachers? competency: early identification of children at risk for EI (Kang Pei Pei)
CS3-P7-2 Use of M-CHAT to detect children with autism (Aminah B)
CS3-P7-3 Symbolic Play Test: assessing children?s early language skills (Sarah Rinai Siran)
CS3-P7-4 PEDS: a screening tool (Lim B C)

Family Health Forum (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Josephine Ng / Perdana 8
CS3-P8 Rare disorders & basic genetics 101 (Thong Meow Keong)
CS3-P8 Sleep problems in infants and toddlers (Rick Jarman)
CS3-P8 Television and screen activities – benefits & harmful effects on children (Rajini

Early Childhood Int. (Chinese) (parents, ECI / ECE teachers / ????????????)(Ch)

Chair/Venue Wong Woan Yiing / Perdana 9
CS3-P9-1 Sexuality education (Peter Lau)
CS3-P9-2 Application of sensory integration in children with autism (Wang Lian Jie)
CS3-P9-3 The journey to acquiring speech in young children (Chia Kien Eng)

Behavioural Management (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Loreen Lim / Perdana 10
CS3-P10-1 Specific learning disability – current status* (Narasappa Kumaraswamy)
CS3-P10-2 Raven?s Colour Progressive Matrices Test in assessment of specific learningdisability* (Narasappa

Family & Community (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Wong See Chang / Rinwood Hall
CS3-RW-1 New generation children, new generation families* (Barry Carpenter)
CS3-RW-2 Coping strategies and resilience in families having a child with special needs*(Koay T L)

PLENARY SESSION 3 (9th June, 11:00 am -12:30 pm)

Chair/Venue : Dr. Toh Teck Hock / Rinwood Hall
PS 3-1 Health (To. Puan Hjh. Dr. Safurah bte Jaafah)
PS 3-2 Social Welfare (Puan Noriah binti Hj Ahmad)
PS 3-3 Education (Dato Haji Mazlan bin Mohamad)

CLOSING CEREMONY (9th June, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm) – Rinwood Hall

Concluding Remarks:
Kapitan Wong Hie Ching, Co-Chair of Local Organising Committee
Address by National Council President:
Dato? Dr. Amar-Singh HSS, President of National Early Childhood Intervention Council
Official Closing and Speech by Guest of Honour:
Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Dato’ Hj Muhyiddin Hj. Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of Education, Malaysia