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Sibu is a town located in central Sarawak. It is called home by a population of 257,800 (as of 2010) comprising predominantly Chinese, in particular the Foochows as well as the Malays, Melanaus and Ibans. The town is so named after the native rambutan fruit, known as Buah Sibau in the Iban language due to its abundance last time.

Sibu is dubbed Swan City with numerous swan statues decorating various parts of the town. The reason being, our Rajang River reminded the early Sibu immigrants of the Swan River in Fuzhou China when they first came in the mid 19th and early 20th century.

The Swan Mascot is situated by the Rejang river, near by King Wood Hotel.

A humble town, Sibu boasts of the largest town square in Malaysia and likewise, its central market the largest indoor market in Malaysia. All sorts of local produce are sold here, ranging from local olives, exotic fruits eg. durian (seasonal), native vegetables (cangkuk manis, bilin) to handmade handicrafts and souvenirs.

Wisma Sanyan, of 28-storey high also stands proudly as the tallest building in the state. Other landmarks include the Tua Pek Kong temple with its iconic 7-storey pagoda, the Sibu gateway and the Sibu Heritage Centre which displays the exhibits of Sibu’s history and its multicultural customs and traditions. The 100-year old Tua Pek Kong Temple is the oldest and best preserved Chinese temple thus far in Sibu.

The town is also renowned for its many public parks in town – Hoover Park, Gu Tian Park, Bukit Aup Jubilee Park, Sibu Lake Garden and many others. The night market or pasar malam in the town centre is also not to be missed with numerous Malay and Chinese delicacies, clothing and handicrafts available for purchase.


Sibu weather is rather pleasant, ranging between 23 and 31°C.



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