Food Attraction

Sibu is famous for its yummy and affordable local cuisine, of which Chinese influence, in particular the Foochows’ could not have been more evident. A few examples include kampua  noodle (???), dian-bian-hu (???) – soft rice cakes in savoury soup and kompia (??), a pastry very much resembling bagel.

Foochow Food

kampua  noodle (???)


dian-bian-hu (???)


kompia (??)

Local Food

Umai (Raw Fish salad)

The umai is traditionally a standard lunch meal for Melanau fishermen. Thin silvers of  raw fresh fish, usually iced but not frozen, combined with thinly slice onions, chili, salt and juice from some fruits like lime and assam go into preparing the dish.


Sago Grubs

Sago grubs are the larvae of Capricorn beetle. Featured on special occasions tradition required a huge bark container to be prepared in the centre of the house while each guest I required to deposit his share of  the grub.

Manok  Pansoh Manok Pansoh, which means “chicken in bamboo” in Iban

The Iban dish of mamok Pansoh or chicken in bamboo is must try. Cut chicken pieces, mushrooms. Lemongrass and tapioca leav are stuffed into bamboos and cover over an open fire.

Then, the bamboo tubes are cooked over an open fire, allowing the bamboo to preserve the taste and fragrance of the ingredients inside.