Kingwood Hotel This newly expanded hotel is the conference venue for 4th National Early Childhood Intervention Conference. It is the only 5 star hotel in Sibu.Tel:+6084-33 5888

Tanahmas Hotel – A 3 stars hotel, nearby by Sibu Gateway. Tel: +60 84 333188 @ Ext. 8214/8223

Lihua Hotel – Located near the Rajang Esplanade, and the express boat terminal. Tel:60-84-324000

Premier Hotel -A 3-star hotel located in the Sarawak House complex. Tel:60-84-323222

Kawan Hotel – Located in Jalan Lanang. Tel: 6084-315888

Orchid Hotel – Located in Brooke Drive. Tel:6084-331999.

Zuhra Hotel – Located opposite of RH Hotel. Tel: 6084-310711

Paramount Hotel- located in Kampung Dato’. Tel: 6 084 33 11 22

RH Hotel -The newest upscale hotel in Sibu. There is a sky bridge connecting the hotel with Wisma Sanyan shopping complex. Tel: 6084-365 888

Garden Hotel -Located near the Sarawak House. Tel : 6 084- 317888