Place- attraction

As such, a trip to Sibu is incomplete without a visit to rumah panjai or Iban longhouse. The Ibans are warm and hospitable people with rich customs and traditions. Tourists are welcomed with Tuak (traditional Iban rice wine) and may get hands-on at blowpipe-shooting, weaving with pua kumbu (traditional patterned multicolored ceremonial cloth), feasting on traditional Iban pastries such as chuan and sarang semut and enjoy the unique experience with the indigenous tribe.


Yu Long Shang Tian En Shi located about 26 km (Sibu-Bintulu road) from town. The temple is dedicated to three faiths– Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

Center Market Sibu 

The biggest center  market in Malaysia . Local products can be found extensively such as local olives, exotic fruits and vegetables as well as some handicraft. 

Civic Centre Museum 

The Civic Centre Museum  Cultural & Heritage Hall has a display of Sibu’s history, consist  Melanau, Iban, Malay, and Chinese culture and arts.

Tourist boats – Pandaw River Cruise

Pandaw River Cruise was started on July 2009 with a 9-day cruise up the small riverine towns namely Kanowit, Kapit, Song and Pelagus into the rural interior of Sarawak, giving tourists the very opportunity to see and experience for themselves the tropical rainforest and the way of life of indigenous tribes in the state.

Tua Pek Kong Temple/ Goddness of Mercy Pagoda

The 100-year old Tua Pek Kong Temple (Jln Temple) is the oldest and best preserved Chinese temple in Sibu. The 7-storey Pagoda for the worship of the Goddess of Mercy. This Pagoda building followed closely traditional Chinese Pagoda Architecture. Thus, the temple became a landmark of Sibu.