8th June 2012 – Second Day

MEET-THE-EXPERTS SESSION (8th June, 8:00 am – 9:00 am)

PLENARY SESSION 2 (8th June, 9:00 am – 10:30 am)

Chair/Venue : Dr. Betty Kong Ming Khian/ Rinwood Hall
PS 2-1 The challenges of adopting a family-centred approach in Malaysia (Ms. Khor Ai-Na)
PS 2-2 Rural / remote service delivery for special needs children (Prof. Michael Churton)
PS 2-3 Clinical research and early childhood intervention: the importance of research and translating research into policy
and practices (Dato. Dr. Amar-Singh HSS)

CONCURRENT SESSION 2 (8 th June,, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm))

Early Childhood Intervention (parents, ECI/ECE teachers)

Chair/Venue Ling Wee Wei / Perdana 1
CS2-P1-1 ADHD and behaviour modification (Rajini Sarvananthan)
CS2-P1-2 Looking at special needs from the religious and cultural worldviews (Rachel Ting S K)
CS2-P1-3 Adaptive behaviour skills training for lifelong behaviour management (Alvin Ng L O)

Family & Community (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Looi Wan Wai / Perdana 2
CS2-P2-1 More than Words® – Hanen parent training for families of children with ASD (C
CS2-P2-2 Efficacy of structured training programme for the parents of children with ASD (P
CS2-P2-3 An EIP supporting parents with ideas and strategies: “Chatter Challenge” (Anne

Medical (medical/health professionals)

Chair/Venue: Lim Boon Chuan / Perdana 3
CS2-P3-1 Neurogenetics update for medical professionals (Thong Meow Keong)
CS2-P3-2 International guidelines for assessment and management of ADHD (Rick Jarman)
CS2-P3-3 Neurological aspect of autism (Winnie Goh Hwee Suat)

Early Childhood Int. (Chinese) (parents, ECI/ECE teachers / ????????????)

Chair/Venue Tiong Lin Ling / Perdana 6
CS2-P6-1 Inclusive Education: partnership btw kindergarten & EI service
providers (Hsieh HC, Liao MC)
CS2-P6-2 What „re social stories? (Tieh M Y)
CS2-P6-3 Visit to Australian practices, what?ve I learnt? (Ting Shim Lyn)

Disadvantaged Children (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Karthik Sibanyanam / Perdana 7
CS2-P7-1 ECI among remote Iban long houses in Sarawak* (M Churton)
CS2-P7-2 Child abuse among children with disabilities* (Chin Saw Sian)
CS2-P7-3 Home-based ECI for preschool children from socially disadvantaged families: do they
work?* (Tony Barnett)

Family Health Forum (those who wish to learn the basic of conditions)

Chair/Venue Chong Shu Chyong / Perdana 8
CS2-P8-1 Who are children with autism (Selvasingam A/L Ratnasingham)
CS2-P8-2 What to expect when a child has ID? (Hii King Ching)
CS2-P8-3 Special needs children and sexuality education (Peter Lau)
CS2-P8-4 Understanding Down Syndrome – the “up” side of these children (Josephine Ng)

Family & Community (Chinese) (parents and all professionals / ?????????)

Chair/Venue Wong Kung Yien / Perdana 9
CS2-P9-1 How American EIP helped our son to overcome speech problem? (Ting Chu Ong
& Vicky Ma)
CS2-P9-2 Parents should come forward first, then their child may have hope for their future (Lin Chao-Chen)

Language Development (any carers of young children)

Chair/Venue / Perdana 10

Education (parents and all professionals)

Chair/Venue Josephine Ting / Rinwood Hall
CS2-RW-1 Keys to understanding and working with the spectrum of autism (Wendy Lawson)

FREE PAPER ORAL  PRESENTATION (8th June, 2:00 – 3:30 pm)

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) for children with specific learning disorders: A Cochrane review(Tan
ML1, Ho JJ1, Teh KH2
FP-RW-2 Silence is not Golden (Ng Kui Choo)
Family-cultured Intervention Model (Gunarhadi)
Promote_Creative_Thinking_Using_Visual_Art_Activities_In_Early_Childhood_Education (Ling Pik Kuong)
The Application of Humour amongst Children in the Acquisition of the Malay Language (Norul Haida bt. Reduzan)

FAMILY TAKES THE LEAD (8th June, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm)

Chair/Venue : Dr. Lim Boon Hock/ Perdana 9
FL-P9-1 How American ECIP Helped Our Son to Overcome His Speech Problems (Ting Chu Ong & Vicky Ma, USA)
FL-P9-2 Parenting a child with autism (Michael Phuang, Taiping)
FL-P9-3 The road not chosen (Ng Kui Choo, Kuching)
FL-P9-4 The Nurtured Heart Approach (Lee Oi Loon, Kuala Lumpur)

CRAFT WORKSHOP: (8th June, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm)

PUBLIC FORUM ?????: (8th June, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

Chair/ Venue: Ms. Kong Lan Lee/ Regalia Ball Room
PF1-RB Life and learning with autism spectrum ( Dr. Wendy Lawson)
Chair/Venue: (Dr. Wong Woan Yiing)/ Rinwood Hall
PF1-RW My Angel Part 1( Lin Chao-Chen) 

My Angel Part 2( Lin Chao-Chen)